About Shken.in project

Design Intervention in traditional Indian handicraft and handloom sector that aim to achieve economic development through inclusiveness of the craft community are faced by challenges that include social and economic considerations that far outweigh creative design inventiveness for their success. A unique project was initiated by the Government of Meghalaya, Directorate of Industries and Commerce (DIC), by engaging the services of the Design faculty at the Department of Design, IIT Guwahati to outline a model of craft design & skill upgradation for the cane and bamboo craftsmen of their state. These craftsmen are known for their unique basket making skills.

The project Shken.in was undertaken by a Design team led by Prof. Avinash Shende and Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Department of Design, IIT Guwahati and Prof. Mandar Rane, IDC, School of Design, IIT Bombay.